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Release of Encrypted Audit Track



Welcome to Fail Safe
The Fail-Safe Emergency Access System securely keeps your business keys inside the box while the Fire Department holds the MASTER key. In the event of an emergency they can access your store without damaging your property leaving it vulnerable after a call.
Full Line of Hydrant and FDC Caps

Why choose Fail-Safe?

25 years experience
Trusted by fire departments nationwide
Limits property damage
Keyed to your existing system
Decreases the risk of firefighter injury
Eliminates cumbersome key rings
Reduces the need to force open doors and windows, leaving a building vulnerable after a fire call
Available for immediate delivery

Our key vault system's unique, innovative features will convince you it is the best on the market today! For more information contact: 1-800-713-5823


Fail-Safe will provide a Demo Box at no charge!

Review the high quality and benefits the Fail-Safe product will provide.

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